Eskay Creek

Skeena is proposing to restart operations at the historical underground Eskay Creek Mine as an open-pit gold-silver mine. The project is currently in the conceptual stage but would use some of the existing infrastructure that remains at site. If Eskay Creek goes back into production, it would produce a concentrate (249,000 ounces of gold and 7,222,000 ounces of silver per year) where it would be trucked on Highway 37 to the Port of Stewart for shipment to third party smelters. 

Eskay Creek is located 83 kilometres (km) northwest of Stewart, BC and 125 km south of Iskut, BC within the traditional territory of the Tahltan Nation and the asserted traditional territory of the Skii Km Lax Ha Nation. The site is currently accessible by a 61 km access road connected to Highway 37 near the Bob Quinn Airstrip.

Image 1: Proposed Eskay Creek Open Pit Mine components

Skeena will be building upon existing approval with new components for the proposed open-pit mine. New components will include:

  • 14 km powerline connection
  • Two open pits
  • External and internal waste rock storage facilities
  • Surface diversion water management structures (ponds, sumps, ditches)
  • Overland conveyer linking primary crusher to processing plant
  • Processing site (mill, vehicle maintenance facilities, warehouse, administration, mine dry, first aid, security, fuel storage)
  • Tailings pipeline from mill to existing Tailings Management Storage Facility
  • Accommodation facility
  • Water treatment facilities

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