British Columbia Regional Mining Alliance (BCRMA)

Skeena Resources is a proud founding member of the British Columbia Regional Mining Alliance (BCRMA), a strategic partnership between Indigenous groups, industry and provincial government representatives. This unique collaboration aims to promote British Columbia’s mining opportunities internationally, with a focus on projects in the northwest region of the province, known as the “Golden Triangle.” The BCRMA is a collaborative effort that welcomes the opportunity to share our success stories from grassroots exploration, through permitting and into operations, from the perspective of all partners across our sector. 

Center for Advanced Subsurface Earth Resource Models (CASERM)

Skeena Resources is proud to be a collaborative memeber of the Center for Advanced Subsurface Earth Resource Models (CASERM), an industry and research center dedicated to transforming the way geoscience data is used to locate and characterize subsurface eath resources. Research at CASERM aims to enhance exploration success for mineral resources, while also diseminating research results through publications, workshops, and tradeshows. CASERM also addresses the industry need for trained employees by educating future researchers, engineers, and scientists.

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